Our Company

Where are we headed?

As a snowboarder, when have I started feeling hesitant about plunging over a cliff?
When standing in front of a monster-sized cliff, I feel fear and excitement. We derive our company name from the desire to remember the initial spirit of resolve to plunge over a cliff.

Our mission is to take risks and obtain the excitement known as “return.” We aim to become a diversified company in the fields of web, language study, and snowboarding.

Who we are?

We are still a new company that has just been formed.
Our name originates from the desire to remember the spirit of plunging off a cliff, motivated by an incident in which Tomoaki Sato, a snowboarder, was seriously injured in an unsuccessful landing from a cliff at the age of 17. After wandering all over the world during his student years, Sato had a hand in launching a large number of businesses as a project manager in the finance industry, and then, after a trip around the world, he founded this company.

We are not by any means a creative or entrepreneurial group.
We are a simple and honest group grounded in trial and error.

Company Information

Name Monster Cliff Co,Ltd.
Founded Feb. 1, 2012
Head Office postal code : 399-9211
797 Kamikemi Kamishiro Hakuba Village Kitaazumigun Nagano Japan
Monster Cliff Co,Ltd
Business summary 1.distributor of snowboard
2.WEB Desing , Web system development
3.web advertisement
Capital 1,500,000yen
Contact +81 50-5539-3967

Our Background

Monster Cliff is a group of individuals with diverse backgrounds, including the finance industry but not the creative industry.
We have intimate knowledge of many different companies and setups and an overwhelming advantage when it comes to speed of communication with clients.
For that reason our prototype creation time after meeting with the client is remarkably quick compared with conventional times, and we are able to create homepages using the methods least burdensome to the client.


Monster Cliff refers to a barrier to be overcome for a snowboarder and for a businessman.
The ways we think up for overcoming barriers may turn out to be roundabout and unconventional.

We are recruiting founding members (web designers/web programmers) who will overcome barriers with us.
Everything is for the sake of the client as well as for the challengers.
To apply, please Email us.